In our RV Park, we have Phases 1 & 2 & we are now expanding our property to create Phase 3! 
Call our office & get in contact with us about lot sizes, availability, hookups, etc. 

Our spaces are 30 Wide & 60 long. 
**We do accept Tiny Homes & Park Models**

- The trailer must be 2013 or newer.
- No more 3 kids

We currently have a waitlist for Phase 3 that includes new amenities, a trail, dog park, and many more coming soon!
Get in contact with us with your email, phone number & what Rv you have & we will get you on the waitlist!

Other Services We offer:
Propane tank fill-up station. (Price changes per lbs)

Weekly - $250 with everything included
​Nightly. - $49 with everything included


Phase 1

$650 includes everything

Water, Electricity, Internet, & Cable.


Phase 2

$550 - 6 months or more
Water, Internet, Cable Tv (Electricity not included).

Phase 3

Under Construction at the moment so get in contact with us about Phase 3. We'll get you on the waitlist so you could get notified when we have availability open!